Helping young people from marginalized communities find wholeness

Are you feeling stuck, unworthy, unmotivated or hopeless?

You have goals and you try to move forward, because you know you have a lot to offer, but something always seems to get in the way of your career and your relationships.

You feel like you are never enough, like you don’t belong.

You wonder how things would be different if you were white, straight, able-bodied or cis-gendered. Every piece of self-help advice you read must be filtered through the lens of being marginalized and having less privilege. You wish someone could understand you. 

You know logically how you “should” feel and you try to cope, but you find that you just can’t change by willpower alone.

It is not that you lack the willpower at all, it is something else. How you talk to yourself matters.

At Common Ground Therapy, I can help you:

Improve your relationship with yourself

Feel empowered to advocate for yourself 

Create positive and truly supportive relationships


Are you ready?

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Contact Information:

Common Ground Therapy

1317 Edgewater Dr #131
Orlando, FL 32804

We are located on Muskogee, Creek and Seminole Territory

Phone number: 850-745-4602


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